On Tour
Julia Scher, *Lip Sync 2015*, 2016.

VIDEONALE ON TOUR - Athens Digital Arts Festival

Videonale zu Gast auf dem Athens Digital Arts Festival
18. - 21. Mai 2017

Eine Auswahl von sechs Arbeiten der VIDEONALE.16 wird dieses Jahr auf dem Athens Digital Arts Festival (18.-21. Mai 2017) in Athen präsentiert.

Künstler*innen: Lotte Meret Effinger, Randa Maroufi, Stefan Panhans, Lucy Pawlak, Julia Scher, Susanne Wiegner

Über Athens Digital Arts Festival:
Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF) is an annual International Festival that takes place every May in Athens with the aim to bring together the digital art community with a broader audience. Through its multidisciplinary programme, Athens Digital Arts Festival offers a wide range of Exhibitions, Screenings, Live Performances, Workshops and International Tributes showcasing artworks that display distinctive characteristics of the digital medium and reflect on its language and aesthetics. The festival was established in 2005, under the title Athens Video Art Festival, as an initiative of the non-profit organization Multitrab Productions. Athens Video Art Festival was founded in 2005 with the intention to offer a platform to video art, installations and live performances. Within the following 10 years, the Festival gradually evolved and included more art forms, such as web art, interactive installations, animation, digital image, performances, applications and workshops, exploring creative aspects of technology and digital culture. In 2012, the Festival introduced the subtitle “International Festival of Digital Arts & New Media” in order to communicate the wide spectrum of its activities and events. As of January 2015, the Festival changed its name into Athens Digital Arts Festival.

This year, under the theme #PostFuture, the 13th Athens Digital Arts Festival aims to explore the elusive transition of digital culture, shaping a future ‘beyond digital’, where the physical and the digital are merging. ADAF 2017 will take place at 23 Mitropoleos str, on 18 - 21 May 2017 creating a futuristic reality in the center of the city, with additional outdoors events.

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Athens Digital Arts Festival

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