Forschung und Aktion im öffentlichen Raum von Cairo

September 2014 – Januar 2015 in Cairo

In the context of the funding program TANDEM SHAML Videonale in cooperation with Nabta – Space for Art and Culture from Cairo developed the project DETOUR in the period September 2014 – January 2015. The project aimed to develop a workshop with artists out of different artistic fields from Cairo (Egyptian and Sudanese artists) and Germany dealing with and reacting to the constant change of urban space in Cairo after the revolution.

DETOUR consisted of two workshops, a pre-workshop was held in September 2014, the main workshop took place in December 2015. Aim of the workshops was to raise questions about the interaction with public space in Cairo in general and especially after the revolution, to seek the dialogue among the artists and the inhabitants of the neighbourhoods, to find answers and to formulate them as artistic interventions in urban space. The aim was to encourage artists and participants alike to actively engage with their urban environment, to give impulses for own initiatives and to create a sustainable dialogue among artists, cultural entrepreneurs, urban planners (the urban research project CLUSTER from Cairo significantly contributed to the workshop) and inhabitants.

The artistic results of the actions and interventions taking place in the course of these workshops were not limited to a specific medium but could include, among others, video, photography, performance and writing.

The results of the workshops were documented and mapped in a publication, a blog as well as presented in an exhibition at Nabta Centre for Art and Culture (in January 2015) and at VIDEONALE.15 (Feb 27 – April 19, 2015).

Find all informations/pictures/texts about Detour here.

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