PERFORM! A generation workshop

For young people and those over 55 years old

Part of VIDEONALE.16 at Kunstmuseum Bonn

The VIDEONALE.16 Generation Workshops, led by artist Diane Müller, are aimed at the cooperation between older people and young folk. The workshop participants will, as a group and with the help of guided, improvised performances, examine their own reactions and those of the other participants to the VIDEONALE.16 video works, which they have viewed and intensively discussed together during the workshop. The dialogue about art and the reflection of our own activity as a reaction to the art works are important elements of the workshop. The collective discussions and the communal activities with and about art will help the participants to become acquainted with the viewpoint of the other generation, to exchange ideas and to collect new experiences with relation to the own body and the experiencing of art.

The workshop is free of admission
Led by: Diane Müller (artist, Cologn

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