New Videonale online video archive

Since 2010, the Videonale has been running its own website for the presentation of works from past Videonale festivals in order to continue to offer artists a platform and visitors a research tool for current video art.

Now it was time for a relaunch of the website, which we developed in the past months together with our partners from Büro für Brauchbarkeit. We want to use this occasion to say thanks for the great cooperation.

The relaunch was not only about finding a new design for the website, but also about reflecting the different ways of accessing the content we would like to offer to the users. Today we present to you the - in our opinion very successful - result and practical new functions in the new archive:

  • for the first time, keywording of the content and various filter options
  • new essays on video art with selected works on the topic
  • already more than 100 videos of Videonale 1 to 18, which continuously will be extended
  • all festival editions and award winners at a glance

The works of the 18th edition of the festival, which ended in April, are already available online too and we are very happy, that so many artists have agreed to the presentation.

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