The aim and idea of the art education project DIE AUSERWÄHLTEN, which began in 2008 and will run until 2015, was to open up the video art works shown in the context of the VIDEONALE with the primarily young participants from different social areas together with representatives of different artistic disciplines (dance/theatre, film, creative writing and radio play) in series of workshops lasting several months and to approach this art form from different perspectives.

The aim of the project was 1) to bring the pupils into positive contact with an art form that is largely unknown to them, 2) to enable them to find their way into an emancipated, creative, intellectual and creative confrontation with works of art, 3) to experience works of art as a starting point for artistic expeditions, 4) to familiarize them with an art institution, 5) to experience works of art in the context of an exhibition, 6) to make experiences by means of which they get to know themselves and their fellow students in new, hitherto undiscovered aspects of personality, abilities and talents.

Workshop leaders: Birgit Bertram, Susanne Heincke, Frank Heuel, Lothar Kittstein, Bettina Marugg, Lale Nalpantoglu, Annette Ziegert

THE CHOSEN ONES was supported by:

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